Andy Irwin Photo and Video: Blog en-us (C) Andy Irwin Photo and Video (Andy Irwin Photo and Video) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:26:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:26:00 GMT Andy Irwin Photo and Video: Blog 120 80 Graduation Session Graduation Session Being a recent college graduate from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, I have had a lot of opportunity to take graduation photos for family and friends. I enjoy doing these types of shoots because I get to see that hard work people have put in over the years and capture it, then enable my clients to show others their work as well.  This was a unique photo shoot because it was my first group shoot.  During this shoot there were three people who were getting their portraits done at the same time.  They were all nursing and education majors and also apart of the same sorority so it made it slightly easier to keep up with.  We also used props in this shoot to allow them to tell more of a story in each of their photos.  This is a milestone in many people's lives and being there to capture it is an honor as well as a enjoyable time as well.  For more details or questions on booking your graduation or portrait session please contact me about through my contact page on my website! 

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Aerial Photography Aerial of downtown Knoxville Recently I have really dived into coming up with interesting content to add to my Instagram pages.  Earlier last month I finally started my business page which is my photography / film and content page.  One piece of equipment that has really helped with that aspect as been my drone, the DJI Mavic Air.  I purchased this drone just a few months ago in January and have really enjoyed the advantage of having it.  I have taken my chances at selling stock footage with it but have recently really gotten into the really cool functions of it.  On this particular shoot I made my first attempt at a hyper lapse shoot.  These are similar to time lapse videos but instead the camera is moving, or in this case flying, towards and object.  It was more of an advanced technique then what I am used too but wasn't too challenging minus the post processing.  While there I managed to run into a couple other guys who had a drone as well.  I even happened to introduce one of them into the idea of selling stock footage much like myself.  Overall it was a pretty fun time learning something new and sharing knowledge with others.  I'll have the video of the hyper lapse posted to my Instagram account @airwin_photography in the next couple days.  For more interesting content or bookings to get your own interesting content DM me on Insta or through my contact page. Thanks for the read!

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Unique Skate Session

This was the first weekend that I had the time and weather to be able to met up with an old friend from high school, Jack. We met back when we were teenagers through mutual friends who also skated and longboarded. On this afternoon we decided to meet up right before the sun went down for opportune lighting.  Fortunately when we got there not many people where in sight which gave us a good opportunity to use the space we needed for this shoot.  As it got later and the sun started to set more and more people showed up.  This was my first time to Tyson Park and wasn't aware of the patterns of traffic through the park.  The darker it got the more people showed up and took an interest to our activities.  Overall we put on a show for a few people, made some new friends, and also got what we came for.  It was a good time catching up and doing past activities with an old friend.  To anyone who is interested in action or unique photo sessions please inquire within my contact page. Thanks for the read!

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